Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sarah and the Racehorse

Wednesday April 3 2013

9-year-old Sarah is out at the Owyhee Spa with her Aunt Connie, getting riding lessons on just about every horse that wears a saddle out here, from Trusty Krusty, to the Opinionator Finneas, to my retired Thoroughbred racehorse Stormy.

We talked up Stormy, showing Sarah pictures of Stormy winning races on the track, Connie galloping him on the track (top photo), and told Sarah he'd be a hard one on which to take a lesson. Not because he's wild, or fast… but because he is Lazy. He is so lazy, he has elevated the epithet to an Artistic Profession.

"He'll make you work!" I told Sarah. "He knows what to do, but he's not going to help you out!"

Climbing aboard the Big Mountain.

Jose supervises the stirrups positions on this 16.2 hand, somewhat round, ex-racehorse.

You can see Stormy is less than thrilled with this idea of being yanked out of retirement (and his approximately once-a-year-short-trail rides), into being a school horse. (Look at his expression!) 

Off they head to the torture chamber!

Sometimes Stormy took a little extra encouragement in the round pen, from Connie and her whip, when Sarah's short legs could not quite convince the big Thoroughbred to pick up a trot!

That's better!

Good enough to go outside the round pen! (still with a little extra encouragement.)

Strong legs and fabulous form!

OK, Stormy says, it wasn't THAT bad. Sarah is OK. And she gave me lots of treats when I was finished.

(P.S. He did not break a sweat. And he got a bucket of grain afterwards.)


  1. There's the makings of a real rider. She looks great up there.

  2. Fun story Merri! I love the pics from the 90's in Stormy's glory days. I'm sure Sarah was lit up getting to ride a winning race horse. She looks great. Owyhee Spa looks like the perfect retreat.

  3. Sarah looks great in the saddle! (And I'm sure Stormy appreciates her slight stature!)

  4. I don't think Stormy had anything to complain about. I've ridden all types of horses, but I can't ever remember being on an ex-race horse.

  5. Ol' Stormy-boy is lookin' good!

  6. That is a great photo!