Sunday, August 5, 2012

The 57th Tevis and Haggin Cup!

Sunday August 5 2012

Just a few pictures from Saturday's Tevis Cup. It was epic!

Above is a rider emerging from the dust at 42 miles!

These are the canyons that the riders traverse on their way to Auburn from the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Kevin and Far trotting out at Robinson Flat vet check at 36 miles. 

Two riders on a very dusty trail at 42 miles.

The leaders coming into Robinson Flat at 36 miles.

Heather Reynolds' crew cooling Sturgess off at Robinson Flat vet check. 

Aussie Duncan taking care of Cyclone at Robinson Flat. Cyclone and Lisa Ford finished second!

Hal Hall and CR Rohbellion at 42 miles. They finished 66th - Hal's 29th Tevis completion!

Rusty Toth and Farraba (Stoner), Far (and Kevin hidden) and crew at Michigan Bluff, about 60 miles.

Garrett Ford and The Fury trot out at Foresthill vet check. They finished 1st!

Rusty Toth and Farraba (Stoner) leaving Foresthill for the last 32 miles. They won the Haggin Cup! (Best Condition)

Barbara White and Canadian Brook - they finished 31st - Barbara's 32nd Tevis completion!

Junior Barrak Blakely trotting out at Foresthill. His horse vetted in lame on Friday; his mom gave him her horse to ride. His sponsor - dad - got pulled at Robinson Flat. Garrett and Lisa Ford took Barrak on. Barrak's horse had shoe trouble at a trot-by vet check, so another sponsor picked him up while Garrett and Lisa went on. I believe that sponsor got pulled at Foresthill so another one picked him up. He was still in the top ten. At the Lower Quarry, at 92 miles, his horse was pulled for lameness. ARGH!!! But what an adventure! Barrak's a great kid and a great rider. 

Kevin and Auli Farwa (Far) cantering through Foresthill on their last 32 miles. They finished 3rd!

Shannon Constanti leaving Foresthill. They finished 5th!

Many more pictures and videos (including Rusty and Stoner's Haggin Cup win!) on


  1. A class act would have been for Garrett Ford to hold his wife's hand accross the finish line and tie for the finish.... he will be remembered and listed as the 2012 winner when actually they should both be.

  2. Wow! Looks like an epic journey from every angle.

  3. I was photographing & helping out at the out-timers at Foresthill.. if I'm remembering right, there were questions about whether Barrak's sponsor would be pulled, but she (eventually) did vet through and rode out with him again. Still - argh!!

  4. Best ride EVER!!!! And I was so glad to finally meet you but I would have been even more glad had you had Jose Viola there!! Great posts on all of this ride!

  5. Nice to see such buff horses and riders--clearly not a race for the feint of heart (or out of shape). Wish more riders/horses did things like this.

  6. Evidently Garrett didn't want to take turns! :-0 My friend Diane Stevens finish close to the end - she did say something about "epic"! :-) Love the photos! As usual!

  7. Oh my, looks like everyone had quite an adventure.

  8. Great photos from the adventure. I'd love to be there to see the action for at least one Tevis cup.

  9. You were awesome and fun this weekend. Great posts and pics. Love ya!

  10. Great post, Merri, but why so many helmetless riders?!

  11. Wow, what a ride!!! Great pictures!

  12. Merri, great to see you at Tevis. Nice coverage by you and Steph.

    Just saw the comment by anonymous. Yes, I would have loved to have Lisa and I tie but the rules don't allow ties! So, there are no ties at Tevis the rules do not allow ties, one horse has to win. With that said we both agreed that Fury should win. He lead through the dark, pulled the canyons and out pulsed most all horses including Cyclone all day. What "anonymous" doesn't understand is it's about the horse and we sure would have tied if allowed.