Sunday, August 19, 2012

Krusty and Sarah: Sarah's Story

Saturday August 18 2012

[*Editor's note: I gave Sarah an assignment to write about her Owyhee adventures for a story on my blog. Here it is!]

OK this is how it started out.

Last year my aunt Connie got me a riding lesson for my birthday. It was great. So I went to watch one of the lessons. I liked it, and Jill [Jill Hallin] started to teach me how to ride. I came to Idaho to ride with Connie after my 5th lesson.

Jill and Charlie her horse have taught me a lot about riding. I've even done some shows. I've gotten 3 6ths, 2 5ths. 1 4th, and even a blue ribbon. 

I came to Idaho again this year. I was a little more confident about riding. But I still was a little bit of a passenger. Krusty might not know I was there, but I gave lots of treats anyways. I also learned to drink water while I'm riding.

We practiced getting used to each other, walking and trotting. It is beautiful in the Owyhees. After we rode I helped hose off Krusty.

The second day me and Krusty were ready for the Rim Trail. It is 8 miles. I started to get a little more confident. I trotted a lot and cantered a bit, well, I thought I trotted a lot. The view was great. 
I could see Harts Creek, the Wedding Cake, and the Crocodile Back. And I could almost see the One Tree Hill. After the ride I hosed off Krusty and fed him.

The next day I slept in and didn't ride. It's hot to ride in the middle of the day.

The next day though we went to the Badlands. Finn my aunt Connie's horse was getting used to me and Krusty riding with him. [*Editor's note: Sarah says "Finn is bossy."] Badlands was 10 miles and I had my first gallop up a long road. I almost passed Finn and Connie got worried we would run home so she got in front of us to slow us down. Connie gave me a rule No Passing so I had to learn to slow Krusty down and not get so close.

Back at the barn I'm learning how to get the boots off but couldn't get them all cause Krusty wouldn't pick up some of his feet. They're really big and hard to hold. He has the biggest feet of them all.

The next day I was ready for the Hart Creek loop. I had confidence and had all my trust in Krusty. I was getting to be a rider. Hart Creek was 14 miles. The Hart Creek loop has steep in the canyon. There's this place called One Tree Hill, now it's called Sarah's Hill. It's very narrow and steep. I rode Krusty to a small pioneer village, he sure posed for the camera. There was a lot of old tools. And the creek was dry. Krusty worked so that we go the whole way. We stopped near home to let Jovy dog out. He's way too excited. He followed us back to the barn.

Again every ride I help with the equipment and hose them off. [*Editor's note: See, I even let her get Jose ready for saddling!] Give them some oats and put Krusty in the paddock.

Merri has been playing UNO at night with us. On the last day she rode Jose. She puts Hearts on him in videos. I think she loves him a lot.

We took the long Rim trail. I loved it. We were on a rocky ridge and I got off to pee, then Finn peed, Krusty and I peed at the same time. I was still holding him and then Jose peed. Then there was a lot more up and downs. I did some long trot gallops and I got to be in a video. I am getting good at slowing down from a gallop and not getting too close to other horses.

Back at the barn we take care of the horses and give them a bath.

I cried when I let Krusty go in the paddock for the last time. I almost can't breathe.

I have been doing different things all week. I taught Krusty to gallop on command. I learned to get Krusty ready and put him away. I have been riding the Owyhees hot and full of wildlife. Krusty is a gentle giant.

So a bit about Krusty, is he is loving and sweet and a giant. More, OK he is the best horse the smartest horse he is a champ. He gets along with everyone dogs, horses, or cats. He is very gentle and is a great horse for anyone to ride. Krusty has taught me so much this last week. I started out as a passenger now I'm a rider but I still have a long way to go.

Trusty Krusty thank you!


  1. Hi Sarah. I really loved your story about learning to ride Krusty. I'm very impressed with the video of you cantering along! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  2. Yeah Blogger Sarah!! You look wonderful on Krusty and I would cry too when I left him. And good job on all the peeing!!! My type of ride!!!

  3. Hi Sarah, you are clearly well on your way to becoming a great rider. Well done, thanks for sharing your story with us.

  4. "Finn is bossy." Just like someone else I know ;-) LOL!

  5. Wow Sarah, what a great rider you've become. I know your Aunt Connie is super proud of you and I love seeing your pics and hearing your story. That's not the first time I heard Finn is bossy--lol! You should be so proud of yourself-- and you are a great writer. Keep it up.

  6. Wow, Sarah! I am impressed with how well you are riding. Those long trail rides sound wonderful and you did a great job learning how to rate Krusty so he did not pass everybody else.

    I hope you get to spend a lot more time with him in the future. And keep on riding! It is a great sport.

  7. Sarah also said Finn has ATTITUDE !! And Connie says he has ALOT of OPINIONS. ANd she tries not to pay to much attention to any of them

  8. Sarah, You are becoming a great rider and you are already a great writer. Keep it up (both things)!!! How fun that you and your Aunt Connie can share a love of horses. Thanks for writing about your experience. I loved reading what you wrote. --Julie

  9. Sarah is awesome and so is Krusty. This whole article made me cry. I love the photos, the piece of film and reading a story from such an accomplished and lovely young woman!

  10. Wow, Sarah!! You have grown so much and what a brillant little rider you are becoming!! You and Devon will have to go out riding together someday when we come back to the States to visit. Great job!!!

  11. That was great! We had SO MUCH FUN with Sarah here!!!! We all want to adopt her~~~!!!

  12. What a great horse! He is sooo special!