Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Wednesday August 15 2012

Look at that face - she looks so innocent, doesn't she?

Owyhee Super Luna at 3 1/2 months of age is sweet… most all of the time. She's very friendly, and love, LOVES to be scratched, all over. She was a bit head shy at first, but the ecstasy of being scratched got her over that. 

Really, the only time she is a punk is when you stop scratching her and start to walk away. She'll pin her ears and charge you. You have to keep glancing over your shoulders at her, and if she does charge, that's when you have to turn quick and holler and look big and more scary to her than she looks galloping at you. Gives me the goose bumps every time… sure, she's only a couple hundred pounds, but you want to nip that behavior in the bud, because pretty soon she won't be just a couple hundred pounds.

Uncle Rushcreek Mac takes no guff off her. A purposeful nip on the little punk sends her running back to mama, in a swirl of dust.


  1. Yep they do like to try you!
    She is sure getting big.

  2. She does look awfully innocent and cute, but the charging behavior must be scary.

  3. A little thug for the Bonnie like

  4. Now is the time to teach her about your space, and a few basic manners. I haven't handled one as young as she is, but a couple yearlings I knew really needed some firm corrections. No need to be mean, but just dominant.

    Have to laugh at the picture of her hightailing it back to Mom. The older horses certainly know how to keep her in her place.

  5. Such a beautiful girl, but a touch naughty. I'm sure you can work with her to stop the charging business because even at her size now, it could have bad results. I think you know what to do!

  6. Love Super Luna!! I love the last photo of her!! I would be a swingin' and smackin' a lead rope at her though! Too big for my comfort!!