Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just Say No to Summer

Saturday August 11 2012

Summer: For some, fun in the sun, barefoot in dirt, splashing in water, bright rays shooting down, tanning bodies, lightening hair.

I'm wired backwards. I can't stand being hot. I hate that sun beating down on me.

My only relief comes with the very rare - especially in this desert, particularly with this drought - cloudy day. I love the leaden clouds blotting out the sky. Spitting rain sends me into a tizzy, my head turned up to the heavens. Even without the rain, my spirits perk up because the clouds bring a break in the heat that I so desperately detest.

But this summer, I pay the price with the clouds. The clouds bring thunderstorms. The thunderstorms bring lightning. Lightning brings fire.

I got my clouds yesterday, but the thunderstorms came too. When the thunderheads moved on, a different cloud remained, leaving the sky dark and turning the sun blood red: smoke. 

A friend in Murphy emailed "Where is the fire? The channel 7 news at 5 said 300 acres south of Oreana, but the smoke makes me think it is bigger than that.  Lots of planes heading down that way.  Are you guys ok?  Can you see the fire?"

11 miles from here as the Raven flies, lightning struck the top of Toy Mountain in the Owyhees. Thank goodness the fire guys were on it quickly. Thank goodness there was no wind yesterday. Planes flew overhead all afternoon, back and forth between Boise and the mountain.

We saw the mountain still smoking while out riding this morning: the 'Pony Fire'. 500 acres, but it's 80% contained. Fire on the mountain and a forecast of smoke tomorrow. The skies remain hazy, smoky; the sunset colorful. But the cooling clouds are gone. It's hot again. 

I don't dare hope for any more clouds to cool me off. I just dream of winter, and wait.


  1. Scary! Glad they got right on it and got it contained.

  2. It has been such a brutal summer. I hope you get a reprieve soon.

  3. I like the heat, and especially with thunderclouds in the sky, in the desert. But the fires are so stressful. When I go back to So. Calif. where I lived for 46 years it just seems like it's burned down to nothing. I'm glad your fire is contained and hopefully it will be done for a while.

  4. I too hate the heat. I crave the fall.

    So scary about the lightning strike and resulting fire. Stay safe!

  5. Having a fire nearby is scary. Hope it's out by now.

  6. I hate the heat too. Don't know how you stand it in the desert. Fingers crossed you don't get any more fires this summer. Come on Autumn...

  7. Scary stuff. The rain should be welcome, and yet, it demands a price. Glad you all are safe.

  8. The smoke is really getting to me. I wake up in the mornings with sinus headaches. I love fall riding...just like spring but without all the mud. Can't wait to break out the union suit!

  9. Come to the north of France for the summer! I've been here for a month and it's like a rainy October all July an August! I'll swap weather with you, I miss the sun!

  10. Our winters are long, snowy, icy, windy and muddy. I can't help it, but I don't want to say no to summer at all. Our summers are typically sunny, warm with cool mountain breezes and there is nothing I like better than trail rides underneath the tall, whispering ponderosas or through magical aspen groves. Summer...please stay! :)

  11. sarah bigbitlittlebitAugust 22, 2012 at 5:40 PM

    sun not the best when your out there but neither is lightning