Monday, August 20, 2012


Monday August 20 2012

Tomorrow we are off to England for the World Endurance Championship (you'll be able to follow tweets, live updates, photos and stories at the link at the bottom if you are so inclined, and Steph made a cool video of a preview of the course!)

It should be a fascinating race, with returning double World and European champions Maria Alvarez and Nobby of Spain returning, and facing 153 other riders from 38 countries (at last check), including the Prime Minister of the UAE Shaikh Mohammed and his 3 sons (who seem to win every ride they enter, unless a horse is pulled at a vet gate), and Steph's friend, the King of Malaysia. (Actually, he's back to being a Sultan now, but he is Steph's friend : ).

The USA is excited about their chances, with an astonishing cumulative endurance record, including Valerie Kanavy (World Endurance Champion in 1994 and 1998), Becky Hart (World Endurance Champion 1988, 1990, 1992), plus 8 Tevis Cup wins among Becky, Jeremy and Heather Reynolds, and John Crandell and his amazing Heraldic.

We get back from England next week at midnight drive straight to Arizona meet John climb on our horses for the 5-day Grand Canyon ride then I head to Durango to shoot possibly the most beautiful endurance ride in the world the inaugural Purgatory 60 then come back here and help Steph get ready for the 5-day Canyonlands ride which is 2 weeks later then I can breathe. (Or… perhaps we'll just collapse after England?)

This evening, before we leave, a few words come to mind:
last minute packing
Everything but the kitchen sink
what have I forgotten

Good thing The Raven is around to supervise everything! is the link to the ride, which is on Saturday, August 25, England time.

(and - top picture is only a fraction of the packed gear…)


  1. Are you sure you haven't confused that schedule with the actual endurance race?:). Sounds like quite a trip. Have fun and safe travels.

  2. Buen viaje Merri, que tus ojos, sean los nuestros ojos, que podamos seguir el Campeonato por tus relatos, en vivo y en directo.
    Saludos de Gabriel.

  3. This is incredibly exciting. Best of luck to you! What memories you are going to have!

  4. I agree with the Dancing Donkey, it sounds like one hell of a test of endurance.
    Good luck, enjoy England :)

  5. If you're going to be in London or even Oxford and have an hour to spare do let me know - it would be nice to share a tale or two over a drink.

  6. How exciting! Bon Voyage and keep us in mind whenever you find a spare second to post updates!

  7. Wow, you'll be in a whirlwind for the next few weeks. Have fun. It all sounds exciting!

  8. Have a great time!

  9. Thanks for keeping us in the immediate moment and forever posted updated....WEC, GO U.S. Team!