Sunday, July 8, 2012

City of Rocks Trail Marking Day 2

Saturday July 7 2012

We got some stares from climbers and hikers and campers, as we rode through City of Rocks National Reserve, with our horses wearing hula necklaces

"We aren't doing this just to look cute," Connie told one gaper, "even though we are."

Today we avoided the thunderstorms while out riding - yay! 

Of course we spent the evening in the Durfee hot springs; then back at camp as the sun set, we caught a spectacular weather show: the backside of a thunderstorm, a wave of dark clouds and light clouds and golden sunlight and a bright rainbow, pushing down the storm southeastward. A swirling lightning show lit up the clouds as it got dark - far enough away that I wasn't scared!

Four more days till the ride starts!


  1. Cache Peak Lodge would like to welcome all the riders and hope that the races are a success.

  2. Cant wait to see the racers and there animals

  3. This ride looks like so much fun! And photos of the hot springs please!