Wednesday, July 11, 2012

City of Rocks Pioneer Endurance Ride Day 1


Wednesday July 11 2012

I think we pulled it off - Day 1 of the City of Rocks Pioneer Endurance Ride. 

It was hot (it got up at least to 95.7*), some ribbons were eaten by cows (I got dropped off early in the morning, and I hiked down that same trail and replaced the missing, digested ribbons), a few people missed a correctly marked non-turn (but I learned how to mark it better), the thunderstorms skipped us today, we had only 1 pull out of about 35 starters, and despite the heat, a good time was had by just about all. Even the locals seemed happy to have us here, hanging ribbons on their trails, riding through their cow pastures.

I met the last few 50's out on trail with cold drinking water, and this evening, the "GONE SWIMMIN'" sign will be hanging at the entrance to Ridecamp, because we'll be hanging out in Durfee Hot Springs!

Here are a few photos:

Vet check at the Bread Loaves, a popular climbing rock.

Connie and her new horse Saruq at the vet check (If Finneas sees this he will be soooooo jealous).

Anya trotting out Jose at the vet check.

Horses in the distance.

Up top, the Bates Creek Team at the last water stop! German Canadians Katrin riding Mac, Anya riding Jose (she said "Wow he does like to look at the scenery!") and Katya riding Batman.

More pictures, and future videos to come here:


  1. I want to see Jose looking at the scenery. Then your post would have been perfect.

  2. Hot, but beautiful. I'm sure you guys have thought of this, but we mark 'wrong ways' by spray painting a line on the ground across the wrong path, and an arrow to the right path.

  3. Love the comment about Jose's sightseeing tendency. *LOL*

    Congratulations on a successful first day. All your hard work and dedication are paying off in a big way.

    Happy riding to all the competitors as the rides go on!!