Thursday, July 12, 2012

City of Rocks Day 2

Thursday July 12 2012

It was another hoooooooooooooot day but about 35 tough cookie endurance riders still hit the trail today. I quit looking at the thermometer when it reached 98.6*.

We had another fire/smoke scare - a cloud of smoke rose above a different mountain, and soon the smoke in the valley was quite thick. Steph had been out looking over tomorrow's trail on the ATV and came back in a panic because the smoke was so thick. We called the BLM and found out the fire was way off in Utah - just funny how smoke can make you think the fire is just around the corner.

Tomorrow's forecast is about 10 degrees cooler - hallelujah! Saturday's forecast is for 82 degrees and 60% chance of thunderstorms (eek!).

Lynne White and Otis, on Otis's first trail ride in Castle Creek State Park.

Connie and Finneas at a water stop near Bread Loaves

Up top:
Dave Rabe and Karen Chaton in Castle Creek State Park.

Day 3 tomorrow!


  1. Glad the fire turned out to be far away!

  2. Heat and smoke. Not the best combination, but you guys are too tough to let something like that stop you!! Way to go, everyone.