Monday, July 9, 2012

City of Rocks Trail Marking And... Fire at Home...

Monday July 9 2012

We're here at City of Rocks marking trail (on the ATV today!), enduring thunderstorms and a lot of delicious rain... and this afternoon I just got an email from a neighbor back home:

"Fire in Oreana - 
This afternoon there was a lightning strike near Oreana that started a fire.  It started on the south side of Hwy 78 and moved across to the north side near Rye Patch Road.  It appears all structures are safe.  The wind is blowing it away from Bates Creek. Rocky was there stopping traffic from proceeding southwest.  Hopefully the road will re-open by tomorrow and I will be able to give you an update when I get there."

Just 4 miles from our ranch.

4 miles from Stormy.

We've been somewhat frantically calling home to see what the status is.

Fortunately it sounds like the wind is blowing it away from us, and there are fire crews, dozers, helicopters on it.



  1. Ohmigosh!! Hope all is well. That is too scary for me. Sending a rain dance of good wishes....don't know what else to do!

  2. What a time to be caught away from home. It sounds positive but what a worry. Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow.

  3. Hells bells! I hope everything is okay on the home front! That is really scary! So sorry!

  4. I hope you and all are okay...have my own fire here, sorry for your news

  5. OM Gosh.... too close for comfort... wishing the best for all... especially the wild life... take care you guys !!