Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm Sorry, Am I Boring You?

Friday January 20 2012

Sometimes even in the middle of play, horses have to stop and yawn.

[slide show here]

Yawns are contagious among humans, and they're contagious among horses. They are even transmitted from horses to humans.

In fact, I bet you started yawning from looking at these photos.

Did you?


  1. In fact I did! Love the effect on the photo. ~ E.G.

  2. I did too.

    I am going to have to build a "photography blind" so I can get some candid shots of my Boys in action. Your photos are making me ambitious.

    *still yawning* *lol*

  3. Yep! I really like the slide show.

  4. haha, I didn't know horses 'caught' yawns too!
    Lovely pics, as always. It's fascinating for me to see your landscape - it couldn't be more different to my green fields, and I love seeing yours.xx

  5. I was tempted. I love seeing a horse yawning big. They seem to be so relaxed.

  6. Oh my.. I really did yawn before I read "I bet you yawned" ha. That last photo is stunning.