Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Is Coming

Monday January 23 2012

It's about time!

We only got an inch, and it started to disappear by midday, but it's the first snowfall this season down here below the Owyhee mountains.

Now we can really say Winter is Coming. (Game of Thrones, anyone?)


  1. LOVE that show!!! I can't wait until April! I'm gonna have to buy season one so I can refresh my memory before the next season starts.

  2. beautiful. I never get tired of looking at your snow pictures with horses.

  3. Lovely day for snowy photos and a hike, if not a ride! Glad you got the dusting" snow to order" too!

  4. Our 4 inches or so melted already as it was at least 50 F today and sunny.

    Love the muddy horse pics below. When I went out to feed tonight, my Boys were similarly attired. Fortunately, although I do have some clay in the soil, it is minimal. Should not be too challenging to brush them off.