Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"It Was So Cold..."

Wednesday march 16 2011

How cold was it today?

It was so cold (and wet) that it resembled Seattle.

It was so cold (and wet) that the horses looked like waterlogged chickens.

It was so cold (and wet) that Bates Creek has picked up enough in volume to resemble a small river.

It was so cold (and wet) that the Owyhee mountains got another layer of snow.

It was so cold that the rain sometimes fell as icesleetsnowballs.

It was so cold and wet and muddy and windy that the horses got wild hairs up their nostrils and took to running and bolting and sliding in the mud.

It was so cold that Dudley got to stay out and eat hay all day.

(Slide show here:)


  1. You've got quite a herd out there. Our boys get all excited in cold, wet weather. Just just love to run and buck to warm up. It's fun to watch.

  2. Fun photos of the herd. Do they tend to stick even closer together when there is bad weather?

    We sure could use some of that rain and even snow. We've not had a drop of rain since last August and only two good snows all winter. We can usually count on at least a few good snowfalls each month all winter long, but this winter has been very mild and warm.
    Today was sunny, blue skies and 73F degrees!! It felt like a summer day.

    It's so dry, dusty and brown here. We could really use some moisture soon.