Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Ice Princess Cometh

Tuesday March 8 2011

Lock your doors. Get those winter coats and boots and hats back out. Turn on your heaters. Fire up the hot tub.

Winter's not over yet. Snow follows the Ice Princess to Arizona, to Montana, to Arizona, and back to Idaho.

An Owyhee morning comes and a blanket of white covers the ground.

Snow gloms on horse tails and forelocks and backs and manes.

Cold wet bodies shiver. Horses huddle around the feeder, butts to the wind, eating hay for warmth.

Horses plow forward into the wind, noses down, heads cocked sideways against the stinging spitting snow...

...as The Ice Princess dances in the snow.


  1. The endless winter just keeps coming and coming. My chiropractor and I did not utter the "S" word here in NJ today for fear of a jinx.

    Spring will come...eventually.

  2. The view in the last picture must make dealing with the snow bearable though! It is beautiful there.

  3. You always have such a way with words...when we are all so anxious for spring, you make winter sound so appealing. Thanks!

  4. Aha! We had an unusually cold, wet and snowy winter here in AZ. I never thought to blame it on you! lol

  5. you WIN this year!

  6. Winter has seemed endless this year, but at last, our pasture is melting! As of today, it's nearly snow free. Hurrah!