Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Against The Wind

Wednesday March 30 2011

Normally, Wind and Thunderstorms are anathema to me. The one is supremely annoying and the other exceptionally terrifying.

But it had been so long that I'd been on a horse (over a whole week) that I didn't care about The Wind today.

We worked our way up Pickett Canyon, up onto the ridge and into the cool gales ripping over and rolling down from the Owyhee Mountains. We mostly walked, working the hills

and sand washes.

A blanket of low silver clouds levitated on top of the Owyhees, frozen in the up and downdrafts while down on the flats gusts whipped manes and tails first to one side

then to the other.

No point in talking because The Wind blew the words out of Owyhee County before they fell on anyone's ears.

But Jose and I didn't mind the buffeting today on the Owyhee Front.


  1. As always you have provided, for our enjoyment, an inspirational account of your equine activities. Thank you!

  2. So nice to get out after a week without riding. I'm not crazy about wind either but your ride through the beautiful landscape seems worth it.

  3. That wind switching directions like that is pretty impressive. Most of the time our winds just blow one direction.
    Can you imagine back in the pioneer/explorer days, they had to ride in wind and bad weather because they had no other transportation or other options to work their crops.

    I think, if that's what you've got to work with, you make the best of it. In some places that have an excess of wind or rain all year, if folks decide they don't like riding in that kind of weather, they won't be riding at all.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your wild and windy ride. :)

  4. So many miles of open space to ride in...I am envious. New Jersey does not afford that luxury in very many places.