Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Losing Charlotte Book Review

Tuesday May 18 2010

In April, I was sent a copy of the book Losing Charlotte by Heather Clay, and asked to review it in my blog.

While it was advertised as a book with much of it taking place in the horse world, the horse world was barely peripheral to the story of how one young woman Knox deals with the loss of her sister, Charlotte - with whom she had a complicated relationship - who died right after the birth of her twins, and the subsequent choices Knox makes based on that kinship.

There are some well-written parts, close attention to details, and interesting takes on sibling rivalry and bonding. However, as a horse person expecting a horse book, and as one who grew up as an only child, and one with no kids of my own, I simply couldn't find any common connection with the story.

Perhaps other readers will have more in common with the characters and events of this book and will appreciate it.


  1. I am also an only child ! But I do have kids, man was that overrated ;)

    I was about to go order it online ! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. MErrie,

    I only want to buy the JPG.s of the pictures from Mt Adams. Is that possible?

    Its for the blog only :)Well, I take that back, my dad prints them and takes them home as a keepsake:)

  3. I was asked to do a review, too. I found it difficult to find anything I liked about this book at all. I really tried. I even forced myself to read the entire book. It was torture.
    I was also annoyed that it was touted as a horse book, when horses were only mentioned a handful of time throughout, and not with any passion or interest at all.

    Thumbs down from me, too.