Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Criminal

Sunday May 9 2010

It's just downright cruel, forcing a horse to get out of bed on a lazy morning and go out for a ride.

Could you do it?

Could you come up to a horse like Jose, totally passed out and make him get up?

He didn't even hear me talking to him, didn't open his eyes.

When he finally opened his eyes, he laid there a minute, then groggily sat up.

Looked at me. Smacked his mouth and licked his lips.

He stared at me after I put his halter on.


Not even a tug on the rope convinced him to get up.

He gave me a chance to change my mind. Or feel really, really guilty about it.

OK, if that's how I really wanted it, he'd get up.
One leg. (Wait, in case I wanted to change my mind.)

The other leg.

Staggered up, stood there, stretched his back, smacked his mouth and licked his lips some more (just like I do when I wake up!), blinked his eyes hard (just like I do when I wake up!). Yawned.

Followed after me, his feet shuffling along the ground, his eyes half closed.

I felt so guilty I let him graze on the way to Carol's.

Turned out to be quite the beautiful morning for a ride, and Jose didn't mind being out.

Next time, though, I would be more considerate if I picked a time when he's not zonked out.


  1. That's hysterical. Glad he finally got into the ride after the rude wake up call.

  2. Boy, he really was sacked out! Must have been perfect napping weather!

  3. ah, but it was worth waking up - looks like a great ride!

  4. You are a mean, cruel mommy!! *VBWG*

    Nothing like a relaxed horse to bring a smile. His confidence in both his herd and you is a compliment to you all. He deserves and extra hug.....and so do you.

  5. HAHAHA!!!
    I really cracked up when he was there..laying down, THEN- he was there laying down -with halter!
    Well, it does always make me feel a bit guilty too... interrupting the down time...but sometimes...if they would just tell us the schedule, in advance like!

    Interested in your saddle info/idea!

  6. That just made my, my entire month. Too stinkin' cute.

    Most horses get up the secondthey see their owners enter the pasture. I think Jose was just hoping you'd lay down beside him to enjoy a nap together. hehe!


  7. if you do that he will see you coming and lay down and close his eyes !

  8. Ummm...maybe instead of taking photos you might have tried hopping on his back with spurs on and seen what kind of response that elicited! Bet he would have gotten up a bit quicker....

  9. You are so mean to that horse!! LOL!!!

  10. way adorable! Was it his Sunday morning?