Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Dang Bird Story

Tuesday May 11 2010

I saw, two or three times, a bird flee from under my truck's tires where I park it in the grass. I'd clear away the start of the nest in the grass - straw, sticks - but the bird would fly out again next time I was there. (It shot out of there so fast I never got a good look at it.) Even though I don't use the truck much, I finally decided to move it so the bird wouldn't build a nest underneath. Had enough trouble with those starlings in the barbecue, you know.

Yesterday I spent the day in town (an hour drive each way), and parked my truck in a different spot back home overnight.

Today I took my truck to the neighbor's to have help changing the oil.

Rick opened the hood: "Oh my God!"

Five eggs in a robin nest!

Dang bird.

The nest looked untouched, after driving 150 miles around Idaho, like it was still waiting for mom to return.

But now, at least 24 hours without incubation, the robin eggs were just that - blue eggs.

Sorry Robin! Next time I'll think to check under the hood during nesting season! Maybe it's not too late for these robins to build another nest and lay a new set of eggs. I hope so, anyway.

Robin egg omelette, anyone?


  1. that's the dog that eats rocks, isn't it?
    He seems to want the eggs too :-)

  2. I'm sure the real estate agent the robin hired left out a few details about this nesting spot.

    Ah well, next year.

  3. Well, who'd'a thunk to look there?

  4. Oh, my! What a discovery. Sad for the birds to lose their nest, but it was kind of a portable housing unit anyhow, not exactly the kind of stable environment you'd want to raise a family. *G* (Whoops, does that mean they'll go the the stable next? *sorry* *S*)

  5. Think of it as evolution in action. Robins with genes with a high chance for survival don't build nests in engine compartments of trucks. It might even be a truck brand that will become extinct with dumb robins. What brand of truck was it. :-P

  6. Too sad, I love Robins!!!
    Maybe make some really nice places for them to nest somewhere...with the straw, hay, horsehair handy next year!
    Your dog...is waiting for his omemlette, Merri style!
    Going out to the barn now...mace on beltloop and prepared to say stay away to Mr. Jerky

  7. Correction! A number of people pointed out this was most likely a starling nest. Renie sent me a link comparing the robin's and starling's eggs - both of which are blue.

    so that makes - what - strike 5 for the starlings (they also tried to build in my AC unit). I bet it was the same barbecue starlings!

    and yes, the dog was hoping for the eggs...

  8. how 'bout sunny side up? :) pretty amazing
    happy trails

  9. Oh, poor silly starling. Beautiful eggs though!

    I got an egg on my bumper Saturday. Some wrens or whatever they have out here in Nevada were nesting on top of the hay I bought at the feed store, and when the guys tossed my bales in my truck they accidentally tossed an egg onto the bumper. :(

  10. Lo que te demuestra que coges poco la furgoneta.

  11. Beats hell out of groundsquirrels eating the wiring.

  12. OMG tha is too funny!

  13. This is great, guess we should have checked when you came up this way.