Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Wednesday May 12 2010

He's got long bat ears, and if you squint your eyes, you can imagine a black cape twirling behind him.

Steph says he's like a kid with ADD (failing to pay attention to details, appearing not to listen when spoken to, "daydreaming" (of saving the world) , excessive distractibility, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating on conversations).

He's got a butt on him like a mac truck, (it's a paint butt - he's 3/4 Arabian, 1/4 paint) an engine back there that propels him forward at the trot like a rocket. Riding behind him, before you can say "Hey wait a - " he's gone.

He's excessively kind and he's curious, a sweet, gangly, somewhat dorky kid.

He's the Caped Crusader - come to save the day! (Or, at the least, Owyhee).

(Cue the Batman music!)


  1. So one day it's a robin in the truck and now - Batman!

    Who's the joker?

    Seriously, though, he's a looker!

  2. Horses are such awesome animals. You did a great job capturing Batman.

  3. Oh..his name really is Batman!Handsome.
    Does he have a bat girl?

  4. Lovely pictures!

  5. What a cutie! And, as always, I love seeing horses frolicking. It says so much about how happy and healthy they are.

  6. He's wonderful! Send him my way, I need some rescuing!

  7. What a great series of photos - he looks like he is not only a handsome fellow, but has a terrific personality as well (don't you love it when they actually come together that way? Fun post :o)

  8. So happy to see Batty is a cover boy!!! He deserves the press time lol ;-)

  9. He's gorgeous!
    So, who is his Robin?


  10. well, now that you mention it, Sunny is his Robin! They hang close together, and when they go out together, John calls Sunny 'Robin!'