Saturday, February 20, 2010

Take Heart

Saturday February 20 2010

I was told this was coming and to prepare for it, but I chose to not believe it.

Now I must accept it: the very real existence of that darned El Niño (the strongest one since the winter of 1997-98.) Warmer than average winter temperatures in the Northwest. Floods in California. Record snowfalls in Texas. Snowstorms few and far between in Colorado. All of that has added up to One Wimpy Winter in Owyhee.

One report says the weather pattern of drier than normal weather in the Pacific Northwest will continue another month or two. Another report - the one I optimistically choose to believe - says that in an El Niño year, storms tend to come back in the late season, especially in the Central Rockies and the Northwest, so don't give up hope.

As a teaser, or perhaps a promise, I've woken up to white ground cover the last two mornings (neither of which was predicted by the weather forecast I watch).

There's still a chance, and plenty of time, to salvage this winter season.

I haven't given up yet. However, by the looks of Mac's coat and my fleece jacket, winter just might be done.


  1. There is hope, Merri...we're getting cold again here in southern New Mexico! You could always pretend that the "white" on the ground was snow instead of winter horse hair...

  2. Come to Reno; it's snowing right now. 4-6" possible tonight! (Then back in the mid 40s tomorrow day.)

    I remember the '98 El Nino. That was a brutal winter in the South, just like this year has been for them.

    Dixie's too clever to shed yet. Just a few guard hairs coming loose; no hair-blizzards for me yet.

  3. winter's not done yet here in Northern New Mexico. Currently snowing and supposed to snow until Tuesday. I'll trade you. I want warmer weather and bare dry ground Not snow covered and muddy.

  4. This time of the year all fleece is banned from use around horses. I swear that horse hair always migrates off fleece and into my mouth.

  5. Come to Central New Mexico. You can have our snow. We've still got several inches left over from our 14" snowfall two weeks ago and it's snowing right now and is predicted to snow all week. bleh!
    I'm fed up with snow. I want summer so I can get outside and ride and spend time with my animals.

    I also worry about a late freeze and snowfall and how that will affect my fruit orchard's harvest. One year it snowed and froze on Memorial Day weekend and we got zero fruit that year because the trees had already bloomed and the frost and snow killed everything off.

    I hope YOU get all the snow you are wishing for...and then some. lol!


  6. My horses are shedding too! We have 14" of snow and its still coming down ...