Monday, February 22, 2010

The Canyon

Monday February 22 2010

I've just started opening the gate up the canyon for the Owyhee herd. They're thrilled. It's like a new toy.

Off they go at a trot, tails in the air, nearly two miles down to the end. Grass must taste best way down there.

And back they come later in the day, even faster. Sometimes they run so fast they make me gasp.

It's an easy way to get 8 horses into condition.


  1. Merri, yup..very beautiful way to condition your horses, I agree!

  2. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! Looks like one happy herd of horses!

  3. Nice photos, the horses sure look happy.

  4. Hi Merri! Since you visited me, I'll visit you....and put you on my blog list for an everyday read.

    Saw you noted "theater techie" in your profile as well. I used to be the producer and sometimes playwright for a community theatre. Loved it.

    I read a bit back in your posts and have to laugh that you were sorry it hadn't snowed there. All I've been doing is complaining about the snow here in NJ...and another storm looms on the horizon. Met a weather junkie today who said El Nino is part of our problem too.

    I love seeing the horses gallop off and better yet, gallop back at the end of the day. Lots of turnout like that does help keep them fit, but the gallops prove they are happy, well fed, and content with their lives. Play is a sign of well-being.

    Looks like a gorgeous place you have there and equally gorgeous horses to match.

  5. Que maravilla ver los caballos galopando en libertad, quien pudiera tener los caballos en un espacio tam amplio y salvaje.
    Saludos de Gabriel.