Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Owyhee Spa

Wednesday February 3 2010

Imagine one thing that can: calm and nourish and energize your soul, calm and revitalize your spirit, invigorate your body, detoxify your body, cool your nervous system, activate body organs, reduce aches and pains and swollen joints, enhance and revitalize your skin and refine skin texture, prevent and treat various diseases, cure arthritis, treat rheumatism and skin disorders (acne, eczema, psoriasis), cure hormonal imbalance, reduce cellulite, remedy dry hair; a product that is a natural antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging, and a beauty treatment.

We've got it right here in Owyhee - a special mineralized mixture of mud, clay and sand, to apply as you wish.

As Jose, Mac, and Stormy demonstrate, you can do the whole body Owyhee Mud Bath.

Note how you can really grind it into the coat for maximum skin-body-spirit-organ-joint effect.

Stormy worked it into his mane, also, and did a pretty good facial.

Kazam shows you can put it on one spot on your face if your skin needs revitalizing-enhancing-refining at one spot.

(The only horse who remains ultra-clean is the baby Smokey, who, as Carol pointed out, isn't going to roll with this herd of uncle-sitters, without her mama to provide comfort and a sense of safety and protection).

I'm thinking about bottling and selling this stuff, and taking bookings for horses at the Owyhee Mud Spa. If you've been watching Jose and the horses here, you'll know it obviously works to - at the least - energize souls, revitalize spirits, and invigorate bodies.

And you can see from today's demonstration that it especially works as a beauty treatment.

Half a dozen horses can't be wrong.


  1. Well as a business model it looks good. I would do a study on how much competition you have in the equine community. :)

  2. Mud is good (so horses say)!

  3. A Mud Spa! What a great idea. I'd be interested in enrolling my herd but unfortunately they are covered with so much mud from their own pastures it would be too hard for me to even try and clean them up for a trip to the spa. I'm sure they would love it as you seem to have better mud than we do. Maybe next year.

  4. Too Funny!

    Enjoyed visiting your blog!

  5. Oh, you are too funny!
    And I have to agree, the horses really seem to enjoy themselves...

  6. Merri, You did not mention the benefits to the human partner of removing all the specialized mineral mixture before saddling up. ~Annabelle

  7. Your horses are very closely related to mine! I can confirm that Oxfordshire and Owhee mud have similar clinging characteristics, and that our horses are equally happy when able to plaster themselves in the local wet earth.