Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's a Hit

Saturday February 6 2010

The party/First Friday Eagle Art Walk/The Equestrian Vagabond Photo Show at the Wild West Bakery and Espresso was a hit last night.

Not only was the Woodriver Cellars wine tasty, but Chef KC's hors d'ouevres were delicious. They kept disappearing and he kept bringing out new trays of food.

Most delightful (and astonishing) were the kids from the ArtsWest Performing Arts school (grades 6-12) who came and took turns playing the piano, guitar, stand up bass, flute, clarinet. They were terrific and packed the crowd in.

And they are coming back on Friday the 12th! As is Woodriver Cellars and Chef KC, for the Horsemen and Women's Open house, from 6-9 PM.

Of my photos, this was the favorite. Starring who else but my horse Stormy. I didn't tell him though, didn't want him getting any grand ideas.

Stop by next Friday if you're in the area!


  1. Congratulations!

    How nice it was a success. And your photo is phantastic!

  2. Congrats! No pics of the venue or the crowd?

  3. That is sooo awesome!!
    I do love that shot too!