Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Candelabra

Friday January 31 2014

We pass through the Candelabra Gate when we ride up onto the northwest flats. I've never even asked why there is a candelabra perched on that gate. It must have been perched there by the guy who owns the property (and never has lived here). I like to think he had a sense of humor.

Mother Nature in winter not only has a sense of humor, but an exquisite artistic flare. While hoar frost in itself is a fascinating minor miracle, the 2-inch long hoar frost shards that Mother Nature sculpted on the Candelabra (particularly on the western sides) during the weeks of freezing fog was absolutely spectacular.


  1. Great pictures. The candelabra adds a special ambience to the wilder scenery there. Maybe that's what the owner was going for but I think you're right, he's just got a sense of humor.

  2. Gorgeous photos! That candelabra looks amazing!

  3. That is amazing! Don't think we've ever gotten frost like that here in NJ. Right now, it's just snow...everywhere and more on the way.

  4. I just bought a candelabra at an antique store the other day. It is a spectacular piece, almost 6 foot tall, made out of iron and covered with cream-colored chippy paint. It's very old. You've inspired me to write about it.