Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moab Canyonlands Video! - Day 1

Wednesday January 22 2014

I still haven't recovered from this breathtaking endurance ride. My jaw still hurts from gaping. I still haven't been able to stuff my eyeballs back in their sockets.

I got to ride Jose with Steph and Batman over these fabulous outlaw trails for 2 days in October, near Moab, Utah.

Below is the video I made of Day 1 of the Moab Canyonlands endurance ride. The first 2 other riders you'll see at the start of the ride, a guy on a gray, and a lady on a dun, are none other than Steve and Janie of "Janie and Steve, Utah Trails - Exploring paths less traveled" blog! I'd been drooling over their riding blog for a couple of years, and we just happened to show up at the same endurance ride, and it was fun to meet them and hang out with them, and even ride with them a little bit.

Day 2 will have its own video soon. Meanwhile, if you're like me, you won't get tired of seeing and hearing the video from Day 1 over and over!

[embedded video here]

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  1. Gorgeous country! Great ride too. You're so lucky to be able to do this.

    How did you manage to take the video, helmet camera?

    1. Yes, it's a Go Pro camera. pops right into a holder thingy glued on top of my helmet.

  2. *drool* Amazing rock formations and some pretty tricky looking trail! I am in awe of the landscape out there. Thank you, as always, for sharing your ride with us.

  3. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING LANDSCAPE! In Finland is so boring landscape.. Oh if I could ever ride there!

  4. Thanks for alerting us to watch this. It was fun to relive the experience with your beautiful video.
    So glad we were able to connect for the ride. Hope we'll meet again soon.

  5. ok now i'm having dreams about endurance in america. with the unlikely hip number of 600? *shakes head* anyway, i'm so glad you caught that "not currently suspended" thing - i was hoping someone out there would recognize "his highness" and of course it would be you. (but honestly, watching your video, i couldn't get far, it was torture for me.)

  6. On my bucket list - still remember the jaw dropping riding at the Bryce XP...