Saturday, February 16, 2013


Saturday February 16 2013

What goes through his head, I always wonder, when Jose stops on the top of a hill, and looks, and looks. He's not nervous or anxious, like some horses who stop to look at things and who will react: fight or flight.

Jose is looking. He's thinking. I see the minute muscles over his nostrils quivering, spinning, absorbing, his ears swiveling back and forth picking up sounds of birds, wind, distant cows. I can feel the cogs turning in his brain, and the feelings swirling in his soul.

And he doesn't just look at scenery, he appreciates it. He'll stand for 5 minutes on a hill or a ridge and look, study, absorb and think.

I love this horse.

Gawd, I just love this horse.



  1. I can see why you love him. I too believe there are deep thoughts going on as he surveys the miles around him.

    Hate to say it, but around here, he'd be surveying warehouses instead of mountains. *sigh*

  2. He is a very cool horse! Oh horsey *love*. You guys are united by passion and heart.

    I adore where you live and ride...THOSE OPEN places are gorgeous! Mine would stop and ponder it too...thinking," I've made it to heaven!"

  3. He's a very cool guy to say the least. If I was him I'd stop and appreciate the scenery too. It's not many of us who get to take in those gorgeous vistas. It's easy to see why you love him so and why he loves you too. Lucky horse to be living there with you.

  4. Super duper large brain & of course ♥♥♥♥ heart!!! LOVE him!! From any angle!!

  5. My boy, Thee Ashke, does the same thing. He loves looking at everything new. Especially the landscapes that go on forever. He has also figured out we have deer on the hillside of the mesa we ride. He will stop and survey the scrub for deers. Most of the time he sees them before I do and points them out to me. He is usually the only horse in the group that realizes they are there.

  6. Jose is a king among horses. You can see wisdom and caring in his eyes and his stature. He's a gorgeous boy! And he's so lucky to have you to appreciate him and understand his true worth. I'm glad you have each other!

  7. He is an old soul. Standing there surveying the world you can almost feel the equine history running through his veins.

  8. I love it, ears turning back and forth, look at the view, checking on what your doing. Looking back at you as if to say "Are you done yet".

  9. Inkow you love Jose I do too! I SOOOOOOOOOO excited to ride and spend time with him in a two weeks!