Friday, February 1, 2013

Coverboy: Horsemen's Journal - Winter 2012

Friday February 1 2013

I am remiss: I didn't flaunt Stormy's fourth magazine cover!

This is the cover of the winter 2012 issue of The Horsemen's Journal, the official publication of the National HBPA (Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association), editor Denis Blake. I took the photo of my retired Thoroughbred racehorse in a snowstorm, who, as most of you know, or should know, just happens to be The Most Beautiful Horse On The Planet. (I am not biased; it is just a fact.)

Stormy's been featured twice on the cover of the Washington Thoroughbred, once on the cover of Southern Racehorse, and now on The Horsemen's Journal.

The rest of the Owyhee herd isn't so impressed. They keep Stormy in his humble place by chasing him around. And anyway, Stormy would rather just eat than look at himself on a magazine cover, but I sure enjoy his celebrity!


  1. Stormy Rules! (Just don't tell Jose)!

  2. He is one of the most beautiful horses on the planet. And of course, very photogenic. Congratulations on his celebrity.

  3. Well, I'm impressed, even if the herd isn't. Congrats on having your photo on the mag cover. It's a beautiful portrait of Stormy.

  4. I'm impressed too. Its a beautiful photo.

  5. Awesome photo of a simply gorgeous horse! I'd keep a close eye on him though because Tom Brady snaps up supermodels like we snap up on sale shoes.

  6. Stormy would say Thank You! ... but he's eating.

    Thats soo cool