Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Change

Saturday November 10 2012

Winter is welcomed in Owyhee by the beasts who have suffered through a long summer of maddening gnats and biting flies, heat, smoke and dust. Now with snow blanketing the Owyhees, eyes flutter closed and the long coats ripple and fluff in the winter sun and cold wind, as the herd lounges in the change of the season.

(and a certain human is thrilled too!)


  1. We have our first snow in the mountains, too. Our horses are loving the cool weather.

  2. Next summer will be my first "real" summer with the horses - the Irish summer is more like a perpetual damp spring. I'm not sure how we will all cope - the flies are my biggest concern. I expect that, come next August, I will be eagerly anticipating Winters Cold Kiss as well!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I hate hot a lot more than I hate cold!

  4. Beautiful pictures! We got snow a few days ago (lower Sierra Nevadas) but it´s gone now. I love winter and snow :)