Monday, November 26, 2012

Outward Bound

Monday November 26 2012

What with the last two rides of the season in September and October, and the need to remove some downed barbed wire fencing, the Owyhee herd has been locked up the last couple of months on the lower acres. They got so used to it that they never even checked anymore if the green gate was open up the canyon.

But the rides are done, and the dangerous wire has been pulled up and hauled out, and this week they got to go up the canyon.

I don't need a halter and lead rope. I just walk to, and past, the herd hanging out at the two hay feeders, and I yell, "Come on boys!" and I swing my arm in a 'Come here' motion. They couldn't believe it at first - all heads perked up and eyes widened and ears pitched forward as they watched me walk up the pasture, listened to me holler "Come on boys and girls!" and motion with my arm. 

One horse took a step forward, then another horse moved forward, then the whole herd was moving as one after me, toward the green gate. They started jostling one another, then Rhett took the lead and trotted after me.

The rest followed, and they all marched after me as I opened the green gate and led them through.

They passed me by and headed outward, bound for the trails and creek and cheatgrass and space, the delights of the upper canyon.


  1. Your photos have a "painting" quality to them. Just beautiful! Love them.

  2. What a beautiful sight, with all of them headed toward the mountains and relative freedom. Hope they're enjoying their vacation.

  3. I love these photos of this land. I can smell the sage.