Monday, September 24, 2012

The Sweeper

Sunday September 23 2012

Forget your grooming kit - your tedious brushes, curry combs, oiled rages and rubber mitts. Just get out your broom and take care of your horse in a couple of swipes!

Finneas was not quite sure this new grooming style was dignified enough for a 5-day-ride-finishing, 100-mile-finishing, Best Condition-winning, Grandson-of-The-Black-Stallion kind of endurance horse, but when Connie assured him that it was indeed quite dignified (for all his bravado, he can be manipulated with words and tone of voice), he felt pretty smug.

It's also good for the groom - you don't get dust in your eyes. Connie said she doesn't have to wear her goggles to protect her eyes when she brushes her horse anymore.

This could totally revolutionize the horse grooming industry.

The Sweeper!

Only 39.99 in 3 easy payments! Details to follow.


  1. But wait! If you order now, you will also receive a helmet, good not only for horse WASHING but even horse RIDING!

    What a deal! :-)

  2. Just ad a plastic leaf rake for a full set of equine grooming products...

  3. But wait! If you call in the next 15 minutes we will not only double your order, we'll also throw in a horse!

  4. So well behaved! My gelding thinks that the scrubber is the work of satan, he once bit the entire brush off of one a few years ago and left us pulling plastic from his gums!

    Now we have to use handbrushes and hope that his love for us means he won't try to bite our hands off! We got some tips from the girls at but I don't think they realised how irritable Woody can get about being brushed!