Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Big 4-0!

Thursday September 13 2012

There are few dates during the year that are as momentous as the threshold just crossed: after a loooooong summer, the temperature finally fell below 40° at night. (39° bottom left was the low!)

I recently marked a few other exciting historic dates on my Owyhee calendar: the day it finally didn't reach 90° (August 30); the night it fell below 50° (September 2), the first yellow leaf sighting (!!)(September 7), and last night, the night it fell below the Big 4-0 degrees.

It was another long and brutally hot (my opinion) Owyhee summer, with too much sweat, too much suffering (whine!), too many flies, too many night bugs, too many rattlesnakes… but now there is hope.

Blankets can be piled on the bed to be burrowed under at night. Fleece can be unpacked. Gloves might even be worn on an early morning ride.

The sun has started its magical golden slant, with that tint and angle you only get in the fall and early winter in the northwest. 

I know for sure that once again, coffee will soon steam from its cup in the mornings, coats will grow thicker and longer, steam will curl out of nostrils… and the Ice Princess will be thrilled.

We've turned the corner. My next momentous occasions will be the Big 2-0, and the Big "S" word, but I won't scare you winter weenies with that just yet!


  1. You won't scare them... I will: SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW! Weee! And, also an S - SKIING! Okay, childish moment over.

    Just kidding,


  2. So I guess this means that we should bring our woollies to Canyonlands next week?
    Actually, they are already packed!!

  3. I am brushing a blizzard out of Dixie's coat this week. I guess she knows best, but the weather remains bizarrely unchanging where she and I live...

  4. >cringe<

    You know how I feel about the *s* word...

  5. It seems a general consensus on horse blogs I read that you guys have had a hot summer!

    And yet, as you get excited about autumn and winter, I get excited about Australia's spring and warmer days ;)

  6. I love this time of year! We had frost a couple of days ago, and the horses are starting to grow their winter hair.

  7. The photos did such a nice job of illustrating your 40! We are AHEAD of you :-) We were down to 38 over a week ago - brisk again this morning - but the smoke from the eastern, WA fires have filled our air... I'm actually wishing for the rains of fall ~

  8. I love the fall and the temps dropping. Love the colors and less bugs. I've never minded winter either. Just don't like to drive in snow. Otherwise I'm fine with it. I'm with you I despise summer and this last one was one of the worst. Bring it on!

  9. Say not the "S" word!

    That is all I will say for now. *G*