Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sunday September 30 2012

After being locked up for over a week in a big pen during the Owyhee Canyonlands, I opened the gate and let the horses out.

They sprinted out the gate and got about as far as the first piles of leftover hay from camping visitors, and they put on the brakes.

Bodie the New Guy tests the Owyhee waters - er, dust.

Baby Luna runs around a bit on her own before finding her own hay pile to stop and munch on.


  1. Oh way too fun! :-) Luna looks NICE!

  2. Luna sure is getting big! Pretty girl. Bodie is a handsome addition to the herd.

  3. Love the way anything new and different attracts immediate attention. That hay just had to be the best in the whole wide world!! *lol*

  4. I love watching the horses race out of the gate. They have so much fun in their first good run after being imprisoned in the pen for awhile.
    That hay must've been mighty tasty to be better than bucking and racing for a few minutes, at least.