Monday, September 17, 2012

Owyhee Spaghetti

Monday September 17 2012

It's that time: time to try to decipher the pile of spaghetti on the trail maps - the red, orange/purple, pink, blue/purple, green, blue, yellow, and orange arrows, and the squiggly lines of roads, trails and cow paths,

and get marking trail for the Owyhee Canyonlands 5-day endurance ride, which starts in 8 days. The spaghetti will become perfectly clear, once you are riding the trails on your horse.

Stormy gets to work, earning his keep, marking a couple of miles of the trails with his friend Taxi. It's a good thing I have Stormy to keep track of the colors: blue/purple out, pink out Pickett Creek; blue/purple out Steph's Trail; orange/purple in, pink in, blue/purple in, and yellow/purple out on Linda's Trail.

Just as we arrive back at the house,
Steph is headed out on the ATV.

About 20 miles of trail marked; about 230 miles to go!

Fun video previews of some of the trails are here:


  1. I love the shadows in the first photo. It makes the photo so artistic! Nice!

  2. Sounds like a lot of work. Good thing I'm not involved. Turn me around 3 times in the living room and I'm lost. I'd never find my way around those trails.

  3. That is certainly a lot of work, but I bet the competitors will appreciate all your efforts. A well marked trail is a treasure!

  4. Stormy looks pretty happy (and well decorated) to be working. Do you also GPS map the trails? Talked with a serious mtn biker friend--I guess programming the route is becoming increasingly popular for racers.

  5. That sounds like a lot of work. The trail ribbons look colorful on your equine companion.