Thursday, December 8, 2011

Techno and Tech-No-Way

Thursday December 8 2011

HATE the new Mac Operating System.

HATE the new Photoshop CS5.

They went and changed things. Things were fine for me the way they were. I'm not a Techno-Geek. I've spent the last 3 days - and I'm not near done yet - trying to install, investigate, interpret instructions, try to FIND instructions, with a bit of experimenting, hollering and ranting along the way. Old shortcuts are gone. I don't even know how or where to look up new ones, if they exist. Old necessary procedures are gone. I try to look up and learn new ways to perform the old procedures, but I can't figure out how to word them so the help topics will come up. I tried downloading old plug-ins that should work. The downloading didn't work, and the plug-ins don't either. I don't know how or where to begin deciphering why. After you spend an hour tracking down a page of instructions, including a video how-to (yay!), the video has been removed (Boo!). So much time wasted that could better be used doing other things.

I suppose once I learn the controls, the plane will be easy to fly.

In the mean-frustrating-while,

all it takes is a ride on my big bold lovely horse Stormy to clear the brain cobwebs and pump fresh crisp air into the lungs.

Horses don't sweat the technical stuff.

It was the perfect chilly sunny winter day for a ride…

and a good roll in the dirt afterwards.


  1. Sorry to hear about computer frustrations! I always love your trail-riding pictures, thanks for sharing!


  2. I don't know how many times an hour or so with and on my horse saved me after a day of trying to teach teenagers. *G*

    MS, PC's and Windows are no better. The last time they changed MS Office, I spent hours trying to find one simple thing in Word.

    What made me laugh was that I finally ended up asking one of my students in school for some help. Said student fixed my issue in a second and then went on to say how much he liked the new program because it was so "intuitive." Boy did I feel "old."

    Trick is that the brains modifying the programs do not think like us ordinary users. "Intuitive" to them is just plain "confusing" to us!! *G*

  3. 10.7 annoys me too. I shouldn't have upgraded a 2 yo laptop - it's SO SLOW now. Ahhh well, live and learn right?

  4. Oh, yea, AND it's slow as molasses too.
    > : (

  5. ...well, there you go. You just need to go roll in the dirt and all will be made clear. :)