Monday, December 19, 2011

Size Doesn't Matter

Monday December 19 2011

Even Little Monsters are Monsters too.

Especially when they are Big Brave Little Monsters, getting to know the Big Big Monsters.


  1. Aw....

    I had a barn cat that loved to pounce out from under things when I was riding just to get the horse to chase him. And another one that insisted on getting a ride around the arena when I was done schooling.

    Gotta love a cat that really thinks it's "Big Stuff." *LOL*

  2. He can't help himself..he has that s_i_a_m_e_e_s_e thing going...I love it!!! They and Orange cats are the coolest!!

  3. ...don't mess with a cat ... especially a siamese! :)

  4. Baby kitties!!!!!! All grown up :(