Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good Owyhee Morning III

Wednesday December 21 2011

Another gorgeous Owyhee winter morning, with horses coming down the canyon.


  1. Beautiful! I love their enthusiasm.

  2. ha. Who knew a cloud of dust could be so beautiful? Merry Christmas.

  3. Really pretty! Why do they spend the night in the canyon? Do they use it as a shelter against cold, wind and because they feel safe? They have such a nice area and lots of space!


  4. Happy Holidays to all of you!

    Janneke, I'm not sure why they spend the night in the canyon... I think it's more just a habit they have gotten into. I always give Rhett grain in the evening, so he's definitely not going to miss that, and he's standing by the gate from 2 PM onward waiting. Some of the others get treats too, so they will wait with him too. That hope of getting food keeps them down by the house during the day, and probably afterwards, when it's getting dark, their 'big event' is over for the day so they are free to move up the canyon. that's my guess!