Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sightseein' on Jose

Sunday October 30 2011

Another great 50-mile ride on Jose on day 2 of the Owyhee Hallowed Weenies. Here's another little video clip so you can briefly ride along. We're cresting a hill to a spectacular view of the Snake River. This is one of the spots, by Wild Horse Butte (that's it to our right) where the wagon trains came down off the Oregon Trail to water their stock.

Notice that Jose notices the river when we pop over the hill. : )

And notice that he takes in the rest of the scenery as we're going along. : )

(Here's the video link)


  1. What a lovely ride. I do love Jose's ears. They tell the whole story!

  2. Thanks for the ride! Jose is so attentive to his surroundings; I bet he rarely spooks.