Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cruisin' on Jose

Saturday October 29 2011

Here's a dizzying little clip from today's 55-mile ride at the Hallowed Weenies endurance ride on Jose. It looks and sounds like we're flying, but we were only trotting! And it was breezy. OK, we were trotting fast, in the brisk breeze, on a twisting, winding path through the sagebrush and greasewood down Birch Creek wash. Jose says: these trails are FUN!

More later. Day 2 is tomorrow.


  1. Is that the pace you do most of it and not much cantering? I can see the need for those big trail markers. One could easily get lost. Have fun tomorrow.

  2. Hi Margaret, we mostly trot when the going is good, a little bit of cantering here and there, but a good steady trot gets 'er done. Some people go a lot slower, some people go a lot faster. It just depends on you and your horse. I don't ride to win and in fact most rides have no idea where I even finished! I just ride to finish : )

  3. Nice camera work, Merri!