Thursday, December 16, 2010


Thursday December 16 2010

I turned the Gray Mare (named Perry) out with the whole herd today... and it was about as uneventful as it could get.

I timed it after everyone had had their breakfast, and it was time for a morning siesta as the sun rays crested the bluffs, starting to thaw the 8* morning and warm up furry horse hides.

Perry and her babysitter Krusty strolled out into the big paddock... and everybody just stood there in a sort of morning sun stupor, watching her.

Eventually, one by one, the horses moseyed up to her to give her the Owyhee Welcome (From most of them: "You're new. Get away.") No serious chasing though, no biting, only one or two squeals; and Perry mostly ignored them.

It's all about the ears - you can watch a horse's ears and pretty much tell what they're thinking.

Perry: Keeping an eye/ear on Jose, but not worried. Jose: Interested!

Perry: wary of Ted. Ted: Doesn't particularly like her.

Smokey: doesn't like Perry!

Sunny: doesn't like Perry!

Rhett: doesn't like Perry!

Perry: keeping an eye/ear on Jose and Batman, but not worried. Jose and Batman: interested!

Rhett: still doesn't like her!

Perry: uninterested. Jose: still interested! (Later I saw him trying to get her to play!)

Give her a few days... and she'll slip in with the herd like she's always been here.


  1. Horses are so funny with the new herd memebers. Its just so intersting to watch the dynamics of it all.

  2. More great photos to tell the story.

    Horse ears are so expressive. I bet in a day or so, the ears of the herd will be telling a different story with Perry. She certainly has adopted the right attitude to fit in.

    And you were very wise in choosing the proper time to turn her out--after feeding time.

  3. I think I'm falling in love with Jose.