Monday, December 6, 2010

Farewell Zenyatta

Monday December 6 2010

I'm on the road, (not, unfortunately, at Hollywood Park!), but this Farewell to the great mare Zenyatta - her final appeareance at Hollywood Park before heading off the track to retirement - deserves mention.

See the Bloodhorse coverage here:


  1. Maybe you saw this quote as well, but I thought to send it to you in case not. I thought it was, well, perfect.

    "Truman Capote once wrote about Babe Paley, a well-known New York socialite, “Babe Paley had only one fault: she was perfect. Otherwise, she was perfect.”

    With that thinking, Zenyatta, from a statistical standpoint, wasn’t perfect, which in the end made her perfect." (Hangin' w/ Haskin article)

  2. I hope she enjoys her new role as a mom. Wonder if they will still exercise her now and then. She certainly loved to run.