Friday, December 17, 2010

The. Best. Ride. Ever.

Friday December 17 2010

I love my horse.

Stormy, the lazy, retired Thoroughbred racehorse took me on a great ride.

I get on him once every couple of months, just to prove I can - but he's usually foot-sore to some degree or another - he's got navicular disease, the severity of which comes and goes - and he usually moves carefully, with little short strides.

He's looked pretty sound the last month, and today when we went out for a ride with Carol and Suz - wow! He positively sauntered along the trail - a long, free reaching stride at the walk, head swinging back and forth, and an easy-moving trot - gone was the short choppy protective jog he does when his feet hurt.

And when he's sound, he's fun to ride. He doesn't spook like these Arabians. He's bold and relaxed and unworried - though he wasn't always so, and at times I thought he never would be. Age (he's 19) and the pursuit of laziness has surely played a part in that. He's also big and solid - 16.2 hands which is about average for a thoroughbred racehorse, but larger than the average Arabian.

Stormy's just doing well all around. Lately, he's even taken to playing, something I'd never seen him do in the 14 years I've known him. (Thanks, Jose!)

Maybe it's just a good cycle his feet are going through, maybe it's not being overweight, maybe it's having a good buddy, maybe it's the cold winter he's thriving on (like me!), maybe he's getting younger as he's getting older. All I know is, this was the Best Ride Ever!


  1. Very cool! He looks like a real sweetie!

  2. How wonderful!

    Let's hope he stays that way for a loooong time!

  3. Wahooooo! our post made me so happy! For Stormy...and for you!

    He looks great and so do you!
    I love that shadow photo on the hill, too.

    Happy Trails to you and Stormy!

  4. I long for a day long trail ride...good for you!

  5. Aw-w-w-w. I am TB prejudiced. Love mine.

    Stormy looks to be a love. Wouldn't it be nice if his feet have grown into the perfect form and angle to get rid of the navicular? Sometimes it happens.

    Please give him a hug from me, just because he's who he is. *G*

  6. Sometimes it just all comes together, and it's magical. There is nothing like a good ride.

  7. There is nothing better than a happy, healthy horse...especially an older one who deserves to feel good and be comfortable. My vet/acupunturist claims that Clarence has reversed the aging process! Yay for you and for anyone who gives a retired racehorse an excellent home!

  8. So glad u got to have some fun!