Friday, December 10, 2010

Mutt and Jeff

Friday December 10 2010

Not much has changed since Stormy and Tex (renamed Ted by his new owner Linda) became BFFs about a year ago. The Bromance continued through the summer, and the two are still thick as thieves, little Tex bossing his big buddy Stormy around (gently),

protecting him,

eating with him,

rolling with him,

rarely leading him,

and following him wherever he goes.

If one thing might be different, it's that tall Mutt and half-pint Jeff are now BFFAEs - Best Friends Forever And Ever.


  1. I always find it so fascinating when two horses, or any animals, bond like that. Just goes to prove they are more like us than many humans care to admit.

    Great pictures, again. I am envious of your ability to capture the action.

  2. Equine Duet. They have so much to teach us.

  3. Love this post. You captured their spirit very well.

  4. I love your photos and stories Merri! Did you tell everyone that you will sell some of your awesome prints? We love ours!