Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Puppy Love

Wednesday October 27 2010

The neighbors just brought home a new 8 week old Schipperke puppy. "Named Briquet," says Carol, "French for 'small, black and square!'"

Jose loved her. Couldn't get enough of that baby puppy smell in his nostrils (which the puppy about fit inside).

Briquet seemed to like Uncle Jose and his warm horse breath.

(Jose loves baby goats too.)

When Briquet went back in the house, Jose followed to the door and waited for her to come back out.


  1. Merri, what kind of headstall are you using on Jose? It looks like a sidepull; I haven't seen one like that before.
    Oh, and cute puppy story.
    Robin Sorensen

  2. It is a sidepull. I got it from Australian Connection several years ago. I see they still have one but it's not quite the same.

  3. A-w-w-w-w. Clearly a case of puppy love...(sorry about that, couldn't resist.) That pup is adorable, but Jose's reaction is even more so.

  4. Jose should come and visit us. He'd fit right in with all my goofy bays.

  5. What a cute little pup. Never heard of that breed before. Jose is just too cute what a sweetie he is.

  6. Puppies and horses make a great combination. I'm glad they're making friends.