Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thunder Found

Thursday November 15 2007

Regina and 3 others went out today... and found him! Her note:

"Hi Guys, I, Maggi, Raymond (from Holland), and Rocky just got back from Wilson creek and have a extra horse. Thunder is found. Mr Good (the BLM guy who spotted him Monday) called me back this morning to retell me where he saw the horse. We loaded up and rode out to where he saw the horse last week and there he was. Mr Good also drove back out there today to see if he could see him again and I visited with him, so he is really a nice guy and was also worried about the horse. By the way if you stand on the cattle guard at the head of Stewart Gulch and look up the gulch heading South East he was up Stewart gulch, not on the west side of hard-trigger. So yea the horse is found, he has some deep cinch rubs from the saddle, but that is all and was he ever glad to see another horse. I put some gall salve on the rubs to soften them up."

So happily ends the saga of Thunder, the missing horse (for 6 days). A lot of people chipped in to help search for him: on horseback, on ATVs, on foot, by truck, and a pilot was lined up for a flyover in good weather. It was the natural thing to do - look for a lost horse whose injured owner (she's home, doing okay by the way) couldn't do so. We could all picture our own horse lost out there!

There's a lot of relieved Idaho and Oregon endurance riders breathing a big sigh of relief tonight! (and a few from other states, and countries, who were sending good Search vibes :)

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