Monday, November 5, 2007

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October 11, 2007


Today, I went to the Spa!

My pal Billy had dreads in his mane and I didn't think he looked so good with them, and neither did he. And then he got to go to the Hair Spa the other day and got his mane
combed out all beautiful and silky, and then he looked all gorgeous and smelled good and I was a little jealous. Then, he got new shoes too. So when was it going to be my turn?


Today this shoer dude came, and I got chosen out of my pen to go to the Hair Spa AND the Shoe Spa! I got my first pair of shiny silver shoes, and I was a GOOD BOY, because it was fun, and it meant now I was all grown up, being a long 3 years old and all, and while all that fun was going on, I got my hair done too! So I looked and smelled just as good as Billy. AND I got my ears done with War Paint against those nasty bugs, and when it was all over, I didn't want to leave the Spa!

It was just a Good Day!!

November 5 2007


I am!

Every day or two M puts a halter on me and we play some games for a few minutes. We go forward or backwards together, we go in circles, I spin around her with my butt, or I hold my butt still and move my front legs around.

I know how to back up good, because that big butthead Finneas sometimes chases me back from the water trough, even when he's not drinking and he's just standing there not letting anybody else drink. And I know how to back up when someone touches my nose. One day I learned another way, to back up when the rope on my halter wiggled. I didn't know exactly what was happening at first, but I figured it out in like two minutes. The next day I was perfect at it!

One day I learned to turn my head back to touch my girth, I didn't know what that was all about either at first, but in like 2 minutes I had that down too. Then the next day I was of course perfect at it. I like to turn my head back and grab hold of the rope against my belly and hold it like a dog leash. M keeps saying "Diego, you are soooo smart!" Yes I am. : )

Some days M throws things all over me, on my neck and back and head and eyes and ears and butt and legs, like ropes and jingly things and soft fluffy pads and plastic bags (which sometimes have carrots) and I just stand there because I like it.

Actually, M can't figure out whether I already know all this stuff, or that I am just soooo smart I am a fast learner. I won't tell her, it's my secret : )

One thing is for sure, I am one Smart Cookie!

P.S. M and Carol both say I have grown an inch or two. I am So Smart AND Big!

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