Saturday, March 16, 2013

Punching Cows

Saturday March 16 2013

Originally, a 'cowpuncher' referred to a man prodding or punching a walking steak (i.e. beef cow) with an iron-spiked pole up a chute into a railroad car bound for slaughter. Eventually, 'cowpuncher' came to mean cowboys in general, and cowpunching referred to the work cowboys do.

But I know now why they really call it Punching Cows.

When your horse wants the sloooooow moooooo-ving tired little calves to get along, he punches them in the butt. Sometimes he bites them in the butt to hurry them along.

Jose punched this little calf along the wash on our cattle drive today. More on this adventure soon!

[video here]

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  1. I so want to come and do this!! Jose looks very professional!

  2. I didn't know where cowpuncher came from. Makes sense. Our quarter horse will nudge and nip as he herds cows ahead of him. Once he came across a feisty cow that came at him with all her weight and some pointy horns, which could have been painful if she'd followed through with her threat. Cowpuncher, beware!

    1. yikes! glad we don't have longhorns around here! i'd leave the cowpunching to the experts!

  3. Jose didn't punch that calf, he poked it! So I think he's more of a cowpoke than a cowpunch! Hah hah hah! I'm so funny!

  4. OMG Jose is so funny... and curious, no wonder Jose did that.

  5. Love it :-) Putting those horses to "work"! :-)