Friday, March 22, 2013

Owyhee Spring

Friday March 22 2013

With the Owyhee spring comes the unpredictable weather: heat, cold, rain, wind, and the surprise snowfall.

It's a treat to wake up to the unexpected white stuff on the ground.

But, oh, that cold wind! Its roaring grates on your nerves, sets your teeth to gnashing, and stands your goosebumps on alert and your neck hairs on end.

The horses turn tail to the blusterous gales, and I hunker down inside, watching the snow evaporate and listening to the howls.


  1. It's snowing a little bit here, came from the north.

  2. Spring is unpredictable but it's the only way to move on to the warmer weather. Hang in there. We're waiting for better weather and the snow to melt here too.

  3. It's going to be 70 here today. Ask Jose if he wants to visit.

  4. We're supposed to get snow tonight.

    I agree about the wind. That's the worst of winter. Even when the temperature is relatively warm, add the wind and it's miserable anyhow.

  5. The spring winds have been strong here in the last week. I'm looking forward to a warming trend.

    sarah holloway