Monday, March 25, 2013

Grumpy Old Men

Monday March 25 2013

Well, they might look grumpy, but really the 20+ 'old' boys Stormy and Krusty are playing, going at it hard.

My horse Stormy the Thoroughbred (the lighter one with the long blaze) is learning the art of ferocity from Mighty Mouth, or Bitey Mouth, Krusty the Olov Trotter.

No mercy, and no crying Uncle!

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  1. Your photography is stunning! Love the "spring" photo below and the two at play are quite funny. My Oberon has a buddy, Zip, and they rear and have all sorts of antics... but they are really best buds and are 6 & 7 year old QH's with a good play drive. Question for you. I host a poetry challenge once a month and a few of your photos (maybe up to five or seven) I would LOVE to offer up for poetry. I have spied the ones I love from a poetic viewpoint... We would give you credit and links back to your blog. Let me know. Thanks. Margaret

  2. They're sparring like a couple of colts, attempting to exercise their machismo with a little competition. Great photos!

  3. Merri, those photos are fabulous! I love those grumpy old men! They are both is great shape too!

  4. You captured some great moments with your camera. Must of been fun to watch them play sparring together.


  5. I love to see older horses with some spunk. We have some in their late teens who were running and bucking like colts in this cold weather we've been having.

  6. Great pictures of some spunky horses no matter their age. Let Thunderdome commence!

  7. Poor old Krusty
    sarah holloway