Thursday, October 4, 2012

O Noble Beast

Thursday October 4 2012

I think that I shall never see

a beast as noble as is he.

He soars like an eagle with me on his back,

sometimes he's chased by his friend Rushcreek Mac.

He skips up the ridges and glides down the hills

sharing with me a thousand miles of thrills.

He stops on the peaks to take in the view - 

what goes through his brain, I wish that I knew.

He reasons and thinks with a mind so smart -

it's that intelligence of his that sets him apart.

He listens and nickers, he nudges and stares,

it's unique what we have - this communication so rare.

He rears in the air with pals in his pack

and snorts when he's bitten and rolls on his back.

He runs with the herd and teaches them play;

he naps in the sun and sleeps through the day.

He paws up the dust and loves to play tag.

If he had a tail like a dog it surely would wag.

He plays in the rain and dances in snow,

he leaps in the sand; Jose's got Mojo!

I comb his mane and I brush his tail;

at the end of the day I never fail

to hug his head and stroke his face

as I know this beast is full of grace.

He's noble and true

and downright smart too,

What else can I say?

I love this Jose

(very noble, yes? kiss the nose, yes?)


  1. Tongue in cheek but heartfelt all the same! Lovely :D

  2. This darling, loving, and silly poem made me tear up! What a splendid boy he is! So beautiful and so charming. I only wish I could marry him.

  3. Wonderful tribute to your heart horse!

  4. I wouldn't kiss that nose! :-) Photos are as usual as beautiful as your words!

  5. That is a terrific poem! It needs to be framed, really wonderful. I'd kiss that nose any day!

  6. Aw, I'd kiss that nose any day.
    Great poem! It really expresses the love between woman and horse.

  7. thank you all...
    this 'poem' made me LAUGH. it just kept growing!
    ♥ Jose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hope you have read this aloud to Jose.

    I think he would definitely appreciate it...and a carrot...and an apple...and a horse treat...and....*G*