Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Embodiment of Equine Perfection

photo from Wikipedia by Froggerlaura

Saturday October 20 2012

When all the superlatives are finally used up: Horse of the Year, Wonder Horse, Brilliant, Invincible, Champion, Equine Perfection, Horse of the Year, Horse of the World, Greatest Racehorse in the World, and when you get wicked goosebumps watching the Champion win, even when you've already watched the race a dozen times, you know you're watching a truly great horse.

With all the hysteria over Zenyatta (i.e. okay, *my* hysteria), you'd think, after I announced I was done with racing, I wouldn't get excited over any racehorses anymore.

But it's hard to ignore other greats like Australia's Black Caviar, and Europe's Frankel. As of today, at Royal Ascot, Frankel retired undefeated in 14 races over 3 seasons (at 2, 3, and 4)

Even more exciting concerning these extraordinary racehorses than the "undefeated" (and in Queen Z's 'undefeated except in one race by a head'), is the "retired sound" (or in Black Caviar's case, 'still sound', as she has not retired yet).

First of all, just to have a top class racehorse who can run for more than two seasons is nothing short of a miracle these days, and then to get a horse through 3 seasons (Frankel) or 4 seasons (Zenyatta and Black Caviar), running at the top of their game and taking on all challenges, is just phenomenal.

Kudos to the owners and trainers and riders and grooms who accomplish this successfully in a racing world desperate for heroes (I get so tired of hearing that phrase) and a racing world where most good horses win a couple of races over one season and either get injured or retire to the breeding shed for a bazillion dollars.

This was Frankel's final race today in the Royal Ascot Champion Stakes. (and search YouTube for more of his spine-tingling, goose-bumping performances!)

(and look for Black Caviar to return in early 2013 for a 'farewell tour' in possibly Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane)


  1. Watching these superb athletes always gives me such a thrill. They seem to be doing it for the joy of it!

  2. Black Caviar did come out of her win at Ascot with some "muscle injury," but as you say, she is scheduled to return to racing.

    These are the "dream" horses--the ones every breeder hopes to create with just the right nick. Rumor has it Black Caviar and Frankel my eventually "get together," if you know what I mean. *G*

  3. Unless Frankel ships to Australia (highly unlikely) that union between he and Black Caviar won't happen. I think Frankel will have plenty of mares to keep him busy for years without leaving the country.
    What a pleasure it's been to watch the champions from round the world run. Zenyatta, Black Caviar, Goldikova and Frankel are superb athletes. Hopefully the present crop of 2 year olds will turn out another champion to cheer on for a few more years.

  4. What a well ridden race! Chills, watching Frankel light up the afterburners in the last half mile.

  5. ... and Frankel won it with no stick to his buttocks but all heart! Loved it.